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Illustration of the Hublsoft Platform Surrounded by our Business facing Apps that cover four areas, Value, Cost, Growth and Security

Built for Business-Facing IT

We have applied our platform to the many challenges encountered by business-facing IT organisations, their stakeholders, and supply chain.

Each time creating line of sight between technology investment and business value.

We have distilled our experience into Decision Applications that address four key focus areas.

Our Decision Applications.

Each App is a configuration of the Hublsoft Platform, able to adapt and evolve alongside real world business.

Value Icon with a Quote - 67% of CEOs and CIOs are misaligned on how IT should be enabling the business - CIO Association of Canada

 Value Focus 

Establish deep and enduring business alignment

Understand the decision context around what is and is not delivering business value, evidencing the contribution of technology activity to quantified business results.

Value Focus
Network Services

Value Focus
Modern Workplace

Cost Icon with quote - 30% of all cloud spend is wasted; 23% is overbudget - McKinsey

 Cost Focus 

Massive savings whilst empowering people

The drive to deliver the benefits of Cloud has led to a complex and competitive playing field of vendors and technologies.

Hublsoft allows this environment to be managed, drawing on point technical solutions that are unable to solve the problem on their own.

Cost Focus
SaaS Optimisation

Cost Focus
IaaS Optimisation

Cost Focus
On-Premise Infrastructure

Growth Icon with Quote - Of the $1.3 trillion that was spent on Digital Transformation last year, it was estimated that $900 billion went to waste - Harvard Business Review

 Growth Focus 

Realise the potential of your growth strategies

Hublsoft has a closed-loop approach to the way growth is planned, executed and realised. Enable stakeholders to collaborate on the baseline, simulate, and evidence achievement.

Continuously prioritise the right things, even as the business changes around you.

Growth Focus
Service Baselining

Growth Focus
Art of the Possible

Security Icon with Quote - 47% of security analysts say it is hard to know which alerts to prioritize for incident response - Deloitte

 Security Focus 

Targeted policy & compliance decisions

Cyber adversaries, and the cyber security vendors that help to tackle them, are both getting ever more sophisticated in their use of advanced data technologies.  And yet, without a clear understanding of the coverage and status of their intended cyber security posture, businesses are still facing unacceptable cost and risk.  

Overlay Hublsoft across point cyber solutions to apply the context that surfaces the real business priorities and determines the actions to take, from operational analysts to the boardroom. 

Representation of the Hublsoft Platform connecting data points and generating unique insights

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Behind our Decision Applications sits our Decision Intelligence Platform bringing together two disconnected worlds, human context and data.

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As an industry-agnostic Platform, you can also create new Applications by embedding your own domain expertise.

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