the hublsoft platform

hublsoft is data analytics technology built for business users.

In addition to cool visualisations and the robustness of an enterprise-class data platform, we have created a special data navigation and query technique, designed to feel like the natural process of asking a business question.

why this is important

The level below charts & visualizations has become a technical, complex and impenetrable world.

This is what needs to change so all roles across the enterprise share a common understanding.

Decision making will be faster and more accurate if business users are engaged in the process.

what we do that's different

we give business users more... much more
we give business users more... much more
ask any question of any data, any time

We have created a special way of exploring and analysing your data, designed to be intuitive, non-technical, and engaging. You no longer need to rely on others and wait for responses to questions days later.

we reverse the traditional approach
we reverse the traditional approach
decision language first, then the data

It may sound strange, but don’t start with the data. Create your virtual business, in your language first, then connect and transform only data that’s needed. You’ll be surprised by the positive effect on cost and time to value.

the innovation

the hublsoft platform is made up of two core integrated technology components

virtual business

a visual definition of a business landscape, enabling technical and non-technical users to collaborate and perform on-demand data analysis and storytelling

data governance

a data automation & governance framework to transform & shape any data into the business users own language

key platform Features

virtual business

Built for touch, users explore their own information landscape by connecting the things that matter. A suggestion engine automatically presents filtering options in natural language and charts that make sense, for a simple and intuitive data experience.

Concepts and their relationships are created at a logical level, without the need to derive from data. The result is a human-defined map of a business that represents how an enterprise works and can work.

Underpinned by graph database technology to maximise the performance of data analysis across relationships, reflecting the interconnected reality of business operations, and to encourage the integration of siloed organisations and teams.

Visualisations can be rapidly assembled into user-defined ‘pinboards’, creating a data-driven business narrative. Users can instantly go beyond the visualisation, to see what’s driving things and probe beyond the obvious.

data transformation

A configurable, enterprise-class data transformation platform governs the data journey from source system to business shape.  Technology agnostic, data can be integrated from multiple sources and via multiple methods.

Data lineage tracked and exposed to users to sustain trust in the information experience. Data quality is checked and validated, and a wide range of capabilities not found together in other ETL / ELT technologies – eg, automated reconciliation and error handling, enrichment and business rule definition.

hublsoft is a multi-tenant, scale-out microservices application, with a data back-end leveraging best of breed industry technologies, and hosted in the cloud.