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Sky High Spending

Many companies rallied to cloud infrastructure as remote working became the "new normal". Rapid adoption was seen worldwide, bringing two years of digital transformation in just two months. However, this rapid adoption has left many companies overspending on the services they receive. 

The top reasons for overspending given in this report are underused resources, overprovisioned resources and a lack of skills needs, also leading to wastage.

With spending on cloud IT infrastructure predicted to increase by over $60 billion in the next three years to a staggering $133.7 billion,* it is a top priority for many CIOs to gain control of their escalating cloud infrastructure assets and costs.

"94% of enterprises are overspending in the cloud"

HashiCorp-Forrester 2022 State of Cloud Strategy Survey



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Getting Your Cloud In Order

Whether you use Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, any other Cloud provider or a combination of providers, we can help you truly understand and get the most from your cloud infrastructure. 

By bringing all of your data into the Hublsoft Platform, you can analyse, explore and make accurate predictions based on your current, past and potential future cloud usage, optimising your estate, saving resources and reducing cost.

Giving you complete control of your cloud infrastructure.


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