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The Backbone of Business

All organisations depend on fast, reliable, secure communications and data, which flows through high-performing agile IT networks.

Networks are becoming continuously more complex and more dispersed, bringing an increased threat of disruption and downtime to these critical systems, which in turn have a huge impact on how businesses run.

"The hourly cost of downtime for 91% of organisations is over $300,000 and for 44% of these organisations a single hour of downtime costs between $1 Million and $5 Million."
Survey by ITIC

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Elevate Your Value

Running and maintaining an enterprise-level network is a complex task, not helped by siloed data sources and disparate systems. We simplify this.

By creating a single view of all relevant business operations in a way that makes sense in the context of the business and connecting isolated areas of business, our platform uncovers previously inaccessible insights that lead to more effective decisions.

Users can understand the impact business areas and processes have on each other, discover where to focus attention, fully articulate the value of every element of the network service and provide business relevant, evidence based recommendations for change. Delivering a secure and reliable network service while being able to quantify the value of any changes made by relating them directly to the business impact.

“This technology is game-changing. It directly impacts the things we care about ...”
Account Delivery Executive - Global Network Service Provider

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