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What we mean by augmentation...

Decision-making in enterprises takes many forms, from transactional decisions that happen at high volume, and can be defined in terms of rules (‘which team should handle this customer request?’), to high-value decisions that might change the business in more fundamental ways ('Should we start offering a new service?'​). Most market observers therefore place Decision Intelligence solutions on a spectrum.

Hublsoft provides support in the middle-ground between these extremes, where humans, data and algorithms work together to tackle the hard operational decisions in business - the ones with the greatest impact on cost and opportunity, and requiring human judgement to start, to stop, to do something different: Where can I drive more efficiency in my operations? What resources do I need to cope with projected demand? What changes will deliver the best outcomes?

This requires an interplay between humans, data and algorithms, with humans exploring data, and directing the data science capabilities that can generate and test actions to improve outcomes. 

... and the capabilities needed to achieve it.

Hublsoft has three main capabilities that provide this support: 

1 - the ability to add layers of derived insight on top of data, 
2 - the ability to work with outcomes and actions, and
3 - a user experience that enables a wide range of stakeholders to be engaged.


1. Adding Layers of Derived Insights

Hublsoft Decision Intelligence integrates data at scale, drawing in information about everything of importance in the business - the resources, the assets, business operations, events that happen to these, the tasks that people carry out. Our platform transforms this data into an intuitive form that can be easily explored, creating a basis for analysis and applying AI techniques.​

You are able to interact with the data, and add your context and assumptions to create lenses which focus on specific business areas or issues, classifying and creating simplified views into what's going on.


2. Taking Action, Achieving Outcomes

Compare and contrast what's being achieved across separate and disconnected areas of the business against your specific business outcomes. Focus on the areas and actions that will produce the optimal outcomes with the ability to assess the value of these changes by tracking the impact against your outcomes over time.


3. Engaging Stakeholders

Hublsoft is not a 'black box' intelligence tool that just gives an answer. Rather, it is designed to let you share your narrative, clearly linking this to opportunities and outcomes, with the ability to dive into your context and assumptions with traceability back to the source data. This allows you to establish trust and transparency with stakeholders, build agreement on actions, collaborate and adjust in real-time to secure the best path forward.

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