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Illustrated diagram of the hublsoft platform drawing from both human context and a data pipeline

Empowering People,
Exploiting Data.

We enable business teams to tackle the ‘hard’ decision problems – not just the routine, automatable decisions, but the ones that depend on human input and collaboration.

Our platform, therefore, not only exploits data, but is also the place to capture and leverage human context. Around which a suite of UX innovation truly empowers the business user community.

Balancing the Role of Human & Machine.

The technology concepts and capabilities that make us different.  

Illustration of Human Context being drawn into the Hublsoft Platform

Codify Context

Even in a world of AI and hyperautomation, data is only part of the picture. The most important business decisions require data to be combined with wider internal and external factors, that typically reside in decision-makers heads.

Hublsoft users create 'Lenses' that capture this context + data combination. Lenses can be created, re-used, actioned, linked to outcomes, tracked and adjusted over time.

An illustrated representation of the Hublsoft data interface showing connections being made

Interact with a Human Data Interface

Lenses operate on a Decision Landscape - the ‘simplest possible’ connected representation of a business. It is designed not just for analytical power, but also human interpretation.  

It comes with a visual experience that assists the human side of the decision process; asking questions, collaborating on issues, debating scenarios, exercising judgement, determining action – all encoded into reusable lenses for downstream action.

Illustration of data being drawn into the Hublsoft Platform

Draw on Data at Scale

Just as Lenses can be evolved over time as situations change, so can the Landscape.

As simple to use as a sketchpad, a Landscape can be shaped and aligned with data, using relevant language and business concepts.

Interoperable with any source system, Hublsoft’s flexible data pipeline technology continually connects to data from enterprise applications and data stores.

Enterprise Grade Architecture

Although Hublsoft can be used to good effect by individuals or small teams, it is designed to support decisions that could require the participation of many stakeholders, drawing on the insights that can only come from enterprise-scale data.

As a result, it has been architected for deployment at scale. It has robust IDAM and security, a services architecture for enterprise-scale user communities and workloads, and a managed data pipeline.  It is delivered as a cloud-hosted managed service and is also available, for sensitive markets, as a private cloud or on-premise deployment, with services available to support deployment and integration where required.

The Underlying Technology

Our platform capabilities are all innovations that represent our belief that we need data technologies that are as good for people as they are for machines, letting humans, data and algorithms work together.

These features are based on a human-interpretable data structure – the simplest possible technical representation - that is intuitive for people, and also invaluable for machine analysis and machine learning.

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