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Case Study - Technology Service Provider

Discover how a leading technology service provider used Hublsoft to revolutionise the way they managed their customer accounts, driving sustainable growth, protecting recurring revenue and delivering optimising their accounts for a greater ROI.

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Success Story - Generating a $9 Million Refresh

Discover how Hublsoft allowed one network service provider to unlock new powerful insights about their customer's network service performance leading to a massive network 

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Success Story - Rescuing a Lost Account and Securing the Renewal

Discover how Hublsoft enabled a service provider to completely transform their relationship with an account. From a state where the renewal of their services looked unlikely to a trusted partnership full of growth opportunities.

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Success Story - Reducing Microsoft 365 Waste by $5m a Year

With a workforce of 80,000+ and escalating Microsoft costs, something needed to be done to cut licensing costs.

Discover how Hublsoft helped one customer to reduce their Microsoft 365 spend by more than $5 million a year.

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