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Decision Intelligence for TSPs

Hublsoft technology sits seamlessly across the operational tools you already use to manage service delivery & change. It cleans up and organises the data needed, and applies decision intelligence at the business-outcome level – the level you need to evidence value and drive growth.

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Our Approach.
Targeted Outcome Intelligence.

Drawing on data from the systems that manage the technology estate, and the services you wrap around them, our outcome intelligence:

1 - Surfaces Opportunity: we isolate the areas of intervention that are outcome-relevant

2 - Prescribes Action: we target the changes that will deliver the best outcome-effect

3 - Tailors Messaging: we equip people with truly remarkable storytelling capabilities

Modular Consumption.
Aligned to Technology Assets.
Providers deliver a range of technology services for different kinds of technology assets. We offer modules aligned to these different needs - Licencing, End User Compute, Networking, Hosting & Cloud.
Each module has consistent capability, but the intelligence and outcomes are tailored to each specific asset class. Modules can be consumed independently, altogether, and everything in-between.

Case Study

One of the worlds largest global network services provider has embedded the Hublsoft Network Services Module into their top 60 enterprise accounts, which include some of the world's largest companies.

We sit across network and device data, engineering support data, and project delivery data, to create a holistic view of performance and value.

We deliver cost and productivity outcomes, plus top-line revenue growth.

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Tangible Results at Every Phase of the Customer Lifecycle
Win More Business, Optimise Delivery, Accelerate Revenue Growth.

Improve Win Rates

Build Pursuit Momentum
Reduce the risk of competitive bidding

Informed decision-making is at the heart of every successful bid. Hublsoft technology allows you to shape pursuit strategies, evaluate resource & service requirements, and validate pricing models - all brought to life in a distinct and visually compelling way.

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Unlock Account Growth
Drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

High-quality services alone don't guarantee customer loyalty or account growth. Account growth comes from proactively assisting customers to drive improvements constantly through time. Hublsoft isolates where opportunities exist, and equips account teams to deliver the most effective stakeholder messaging. 

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Optimise Delivery Outcomes
Protect margin while driving customer value

Customer delivery teams need to continually assess trade-offs and determine what change delivers the best possible outcome effect. This demands a new kind of control, and a new approach to decision-making that balances profitability, innovation and customer value.

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Optimise Service Delivery

Elevate Commercial Relationships
Build relationships as a business enabler and partner

Increasingly, contractual success is determined by the tangible business outcomes delivered. Hublsoft's intelligence forms part of a Value Messaging Maturity Framework, laying out the journey to increased customer intimacy, grounded by data, that opens up significant mutual opportunity.

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