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Technology Service Provider


Demonstrating Value, Improving Customer Experience & Generating Revenue.

Our customer, a global technology service provider,  was facing increasing pressure to demonstrate the value of their services to their customers.

Recognising the untapped potential of their data, business leaders recognised that they and their teams had become detached from their data and needed help to unlock its value. They had become dependent on technical teams who produced static dashboard presentations, leading to meaningless customer interactions, stalling growth and threatening renewals.

"This technology is game-changing. It directly impacts the things our customers care about, such as $24m of savings through reducing IT labour costs, reducing business impact from outages, improving employee productivity and reducing risk."

Account Delivery Executive


The Goals

  • Easily quantify and provide evidence of their products and services to customers in terms of business value.
  • To provide engaging two-way customer interactions that facilitate growth and guarantee renewals.
  • Enable decision-makers to make intelligent decisions supported by data and technology.
  • Express detailed technical operations in an accessible and user-friendly format.
  • Uncover changes to optimise account operations.
  • Minimise business risk and improve data security.

The Solution

Hublsoft Decision Intelligence has been implemented into the top-performing 60 accounts within the USA.

Each implementation of the Hublsoft platform pulls together and structures the full breadth of data for a specific account, aligning this with the end customers' individual business outcomes and goals. Once configured, the immersive Hublsoft Business Landscape gives all decision-makers access to a simplified representation of the technical landscape. This allows a hands-on approach that empowers informed decisions backed up by business context, data, and AI, without reliance on a technical team. 


The Outcomes

  • Transformed customer interactions with an innovative, unparalleled user experience.
  • Greater return on investment through optimising operational efficiency.
  • Protect annual recurring revenue through sustained, demonstrable customer value with a 100% renewal rate on accounts using Hublsoft.
  • Drive growth by identifying new service opportunities through value-based recommendations, creating 17% extra revenue through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. 
  • Improved staff morale, retention and job satisfaction 

Plans have now been made with the customer to include Hublsoft Decision Intelligence into more of their accounts worldwide as part of the company's overall growth ambitions.    

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