Hublsoft Technology

Humans, Data and Algorithms Working Together.

Balancing the role of humans, data and algorithms in decision making is becoming a more pressing and visible issue across a huge range of products and services, determining how quickly I can receive my groceries, or how easily I can find a new job, through to whether or not I get invited for essential healthcare.

As businesses adopt the underlying decision, workflow and AI-enabled automation technologies, we are seeing that achieving human input into the process makes the difference between success - speed of adoption of new technologies, reduction in supply chain costs, increasing revenue per customer, growth in new markets - and failure - stalled initiatives, reduced operational efficiency, erosion of customer experience, and harm & litigation.

"AI-based machines are fast, more accurate, and consistently rational, but they aren’t intuitive, emotional, or culturally sensitive. And it’s exactly these abilities that humans posses and which make us effective."
Havard Business Review

Our human-first technology has been designed to achieve a balance between these two worlds - enabling people to use data and algorithms with objectivity and insight on high-value decisions, and to apply this insight to drive the automation of decisions at scale.

Download the full document to see how our technology works, how it is tackling major technical, societal and ethical challenges and how it is enabling businesses to succeed with decision intelligence.