Control Panel (iCP)

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Complex Environments

On-premise multi-tenant hosting environments and private cloud networks are vital for businesses that need to keep their network secure and offer a great alternative for companies not wanting to fully commit to a public cloud strategy. Managing resources, security and provisioning within these networks is complex and requires significant technical expertise and resources.

Whether you are a Service Provider managing multiple customer environments or a company looking after your own environment, we can help you overcome this complexity.

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Remove the Complexity

Our comprehensive Control Panel technology (iCP) is a cloud hosting SaaS enterprise solution that allows you to manage multiple tenants and services, across multiple data centres around the world, in one simple and easy to use interface.

By creating a single pane of glass interface for multiple products and services, we empower you to securely manage all aspects of an environment. Manage, provision and monitor complex multi-tenancy environments. Reduce downtime, optimise productivity, provide effortless provisioning and empower your support desk across Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, SFB, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365, Citrix, Terminal Services, and many more,  all in a secure ISO27001-accredited application.

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