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We Help Companies Cut Costs, Drive Adoption and Maximise Security ...

Software has become the lifeblood of business. We are more productive, more efficient, more innovative. But, its scale introduces significant challenges in terms of risk, complexity, and expense.

Balancing these factors has become a strategic concern, one that many companies struggle to master.

"35% of spending on SaaS applications at most organisations is wasted." ITAM Review

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... With the Power of Decision Intelligence

Controlling the complexity of the modern software ecosystem demands smart optimisation strategies and an effective decision-making approach.

Hublsoft applies decision intelligence techniques across all license data to equip companies with the right actions at the right time to maximise business outcome achievement.

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Cut Costs, Drive Adoption
and Maximise Security

Applying decision intelligence to maximise your software investments.


Eliminate Waste & Overspend
Identify cost savings, minimise unnecessary expenditure

There is a strong chance you are underutilising and overpaying when it comes to SaaS applications.

Small organisational changes and vendor price rises soon mount up and when compounded over time can leave you vastly overpaying for the licences you actually use. Hublsoft Decision Intelligence uses real-time usage data combined with relevant business context to ensure you remove unnecessary cost.

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Guarantee Adoption & Utilisation
Increase employee productivity and return on software investments

It is vital to supply your workforce with the tools they need to succeed and drive value.

Most organisations are unable to evaluate the effectiveness of the software they have implemented. Hublsoft Decision Intelligence allows you to fully understand and evaluate the impact of your software estate allowing you to drive adoption and ensure your team has the tools they need.


Strengthen Security & Risk
Mitigate security risks and assure compliance

Sophisticated cyber criminals will take advantage of any vulnerability they can find, and when they do the result is devastating.

There are some security gaps that can lie hidden within your software estate. Hublsoft Decision Intelligence can help you proactively identify and close these vulnerabilities as they arise, giving you complete peace of mind that you are maximising your security posture.

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Where to Start:

The Hublsoft Licence Optimisation Baseline Service provides a snapshot of your chosen software vendor. Combining consumption and utilisation data with business context to help you fully understand your estate's current status and the optimisation potential within your existing setup.

A typical baseline will identify potential savings of 10- 20% of the contract value of the license estate.

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