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Wasted Budget 

Software cost is estimated to account for approximately 48% of all technology spend within companies and is predicted to grow by 11% in 2023 alone.

Without full visibility of who is using which software and how, you are unable to get the maximum out of your software investments. This means you are most probably underutilising your licences or significantly overpaying compared to what you really need.

"35% of spending on SaaS applications at most organizations is wasted."

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Understand and Optimise

Hublsoft gives you complete visibility across your chosen software estate, from Microsoft 365 to Adobe and Oracle and everything in between. We allow you to analyse usage from all across your business, identifying trends and patterns that allow you to optimise the licences within your estate.

This, combined with our powerful automation engine, gives you complete control of your licencing, controlling costs, reducing wastage and driving adoption throughout your company.

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