Human First
Decision Intelligence


Diagram illustrating the disconnect between human context and operational data

More Than Just Data

The hard decisions in business, and the ones with the greatest impact on cost and opportunity, are those that require human judgement to start, to stop, to do something different.

These are not well supported by the technology industry. This is because, unlike simple rule or pattern based decisions, data is only part of the picture. Two disconnected worlds need to work together seamlessly, and it hasn’t, until now, been obvious how to do this.

Humans, Data & Algorithms Working Together.

Bridging the gap with Hublsoft Technology.

Diagram illustrating the way that Hublsoft connects human context and operational data

1. Elevate Data into the Human Domain

Our technology draws on enterprise data, and places it directly into the human decision process. Where it can be combined with your own understanding of what's relevant and important, as that shifts and changes over time.

2. Drive the Value of Decisions at Scale

This combination of data and context, now encoded, significantly improves downstream actions and automation at scale. Meaning your operations, no matter how automated, are always aligned with business priorities, and continuously connected into human driven insights.

Diagram illustrating a continual connection between human context and operational data with the Hublsoft Platform at its core

One Platform.

The technology capabilities needed to address the breadth of this challenge are encapsulated within the Hublsoft Platform.  And applied to multiple business decision scenarios, via our Decision Applications.

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Diagram illustrating the Hublsoft Platform surrounded by our core Applications. Value, Cost, Growth, Security and Partner added value.

Limitless Applications.

Our predefined Applications are configured to support the challenges encountered by business-facing IT.  Or, you can create new Applications by embedding your own domain expertise into our generic platform.

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