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Humans, Data & AI Working Together

Hublsoft adds intelligence to your data allowing you to see and explore how your business is operating, iterate recommendations for change, and learn what works.  It's driven by outcomes that you define, and that matter to you and your customers.


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Decision Intelligence Technology

Industry observers such as McKinsey and Gartner agree that Decision Intelligence solutions lie on a spectrum. From automating high-volume, low-value transactional decisions, through to supporting strategic decision-making in the boardroom.

Hublsoft sits at the centre. An AI-enabled augmentation platform where humans, data and algorithms work together to tackle the hard operational decisions in business - the ones with the greatest impact on cost and opportunity, and requiring human judgement to start, to stop, to do something different.

Augmenting Human Judgement

Through 3 core Hublsoft platform capabilities.


Adding layers of derived insight.

Hublsoft integrates data at scale into a form that can be easily explored, letting you interact and add context, as a basis for analysis and AI techniques. 


Taking action, achieving outcomes​.

Hublsoft provides intelligence on what actions to take to best achieve outcomes, and tracks the effect and value of change through time.


Engaging stakeholders​.

Hublsoft enables all of this to be shared transparently at any depth, tailored to what's relevant to different stakeholders.

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"Hublsoft is key to how we continuously drive value into our service contracts, but also how we evidence the impact of these decisions to our customers."

Delivery Executive, Global Technology Service Provider

Diagram illustrating a continual connection between human context and operational data with the Hublsoft Platform at its core

One Platform

The breadth of capabilities needed to achieve interplay between artificial and human intelligence are encapsulated in the Hublsoft platform.

We have our own specialism & focus; but with the scope to apply our platform into any industry, we encourage other innovators to partner with us to exploit opportunity in their own field. 

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